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EasyUnfollow - Easy Follow Back - Clean up Twitter Account

Great Twitter Application to unfollow and Follow back

  • Easily Sort out your Non-followers and unfollow them who do not follow-back to you immidiately.
  • Easily Sort out your New followers and follow back to them who are following you recently.
  • By unfollowing your older non-followers you can increase your following limit on Twitter.
  • By following back to your new followers you can increase your fans on Twitter.
What does Non-follower means? 
  • Non-follower means the users you are following on twitter but they are not following you back.
  • You will see their post but they will not see your post.
What does New user means? 
  • New user means the users are following you on twitter but you did not follow back to them.
  • You will not see their post but they will see your post.